My Mom
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My Mom

In Loving Memory of Barbara Ann Sawyer
Barbara was born in Tennesse in 1944.

11 years ago I lost you
I still miss you in my life
I've become a new mother
and also a new wife
I've changed alot since you left
You'd hardley know me now
But I'm still your little girl
and I wish you were here.
I love you Mom.

Married at age 16 Barbara, had the first of 6 childern on Sept. 19th 1960. Five more kids and 30 years later
Barbara moved to Shelbyville , Indiana where she remarried and lived her few remaining years ,happier than she had ever been. I regret not knowing her better. I had always hoped we could be friends.

My mom die from cancer on November 14th 1995. We had only found out about the cancer in June of that same year. Just a few short months. I remember the Christmas before when she and I had an agrument about one of my friends. I was so mad at her that I didn't even bother to call on christmas day. I remember her last birthday march 14th 1995, when we still were not talking, and the Mothers day that I let go by without telling her how much I loved her. What I'm trying to say, is that if you care about someone don't let a disagreement keep you apart. Don't keep quiet and wait until it's to late to tell them how you feel.

I thank God that I had a chance to make a mends with my mom. I am sure that when she left this world she knew how much I loved her. I also thank my friends for helping me through a very hard time. Mike Shepard, without whom I would not have been able to get to shelbyville to see my mom nearly as much I did those last few months, and without whos support I doubt I'd have gotten through those last few months. Michael LeGrand, who stood beside me that last week and spent most of his time driving back and forth between Indianapolis and shelbyville to be with me and who stood with me at her funeral. My husband Bob, who was a good friend at that time and let me lean on him when I needed someone to talk to and my boss at the time (Terry Brown) for understanding and giving me time off work to be with her. I spent the last week of her life on this earth at her home by her side. That is the one thing that has helped more than anything, knowing that she knew I loved her.

Barbara Ann Sawyer was my mother. I love you mom.

Rest Now

The wind is cold
Skies are gray
Few birds fly over head
The trees are bare
Grass turning brown
Everything is resting now
But we will see it again.
You rest now
We'll see you again.

With Love Rhonda

As I laid down my pencil
my sister came in to tell me
that Mom was gone.


From Shelbyville paper:

From A Friend:

Nothing good is ever lost
It stays part of a person; part of their character
And so, a part of you is with your mother
And a part of her is yours forever.

Thank You



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